Aesthetic Surgery Journal Publishes Labiaplasty Article by Drs. Lista & Ahmad

Labia Reduction Journal ArticleDr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad of The Plastic Surgery Clinic are pleased to announce that their recent journal article on aesthetic labiaplasty has been published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

For many women, the appearance of the labia is a deeply personal matter. Both Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad have met female patients over the years who have had functional or aesthetic concerns about their labia. For some, overdevelopment or overly large labia can cause pain during intercourse, pain when sitting, discomfort when walking or running, and several other difficulties that affect their day-to-day lives. Women whose labia minora appear enlarged or asymmetrical have also reported self-consciousness, anxiety, and fears that they might appear abnormal in sexual situations. Some women with this condition even feel too embarrassed to wear tight clothing. This has led to an increase in women seeking out labia reduction procedures in order to improve labial appearance and to offer functional and psychological relief.

Over the years, as this procedure has developed and increased in popularity, several questions have been raised about its safety and effectiveness. A lack of published studies on the effects of this surgery has left some women and health organizations uncertain of its efficacy and wary of potential complications. As a result, Drs. Lista and Ahmad performed a study of 113 aesthetic labiaplasty patients over the past 7 years to examine demographic, procedural, and outcome data.

Out of these 113 patients, the doctors found that 13% reported temporary symptoms including swelling, bruising, and pain, while only one patient (or 0.8% of the survey) experienced bleeding. Four patients (3.5%) required slight revision in order to further improve any remaining asymmetry or the appearance of excess tissue. In all cases studied, no major complications were reported. The surgeons concluded that the technique used at The Plastic Surgery Clinic known as the “edge excision technique” has a very low complication rate and offers satisfactory aesthetic outcomes for patients. They also surmised that more studies are needed in order to examine the impact that a labia reduction procedure has on a woman’s self-image and quality of life in order to better understand the motivations and expectations who choose to undergo this type of surgery. Doing so would enable surgeons everywhere to help patients make well-informed decisions about their bodies and their health.

Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad are pleased to have their research published in this prestigious, peer-reviewed, international journal so that their work can reach plastic surgeons all over the world. In this way, they will contribute to the growing body of knowledge surrounding this procedure, and help other doctors move forward with an educated approach.

To review the full article, please click here.


The Pros & Cons of Summer Surgery

cosmetic surgery summerHunting season, baseball season, planting season—there’s a season for everything, isn’t there? So I guess it should come as no surprise that a really common question a lot of people ask is about the best season for plastic surgery. The most straightforward answer is this: the best season to have a plastic surgery procedure is the one that works best for you. Of course, figuring out what that means depends on a few different factors, and that’s the real key.

There are pros and cons to each and every season, depending on the procedure you want to undergo. So let’s talk about where we’re at now that summer is fast approaching and there are a few relevant considerations to think about now. Firstly, the summer time can be a great time for a lot of patients to choose to have surgery because it means vacation time for a lot of people. This can be a great way to feel comfortable with the much needed downtime after surgical procedures to really relax and let your body heal to the best of its abilities. Patients who have this option available really love it because it mean’s they’re not stressing about having to go back to work before they might be ready. Plus, they get to fully recuperate and return to work post-transformation and no one’s the wiser. Of course, you can still flaunt it when you’re back on the job if that’s your thing, too.

Some of our Mommy Makeover patients also find that the summer can be a great time to schedule their surgeries. They don’t have to worry about taking the kids to and from school every day, or in some cases, the children are having fun away at camp or visiting relatives for extended periods of time. Again, this all contributes to an easier healing process, which is really integral to a great result. The flip side is, if you have younger children who are home during the summer and you plan to have a surgery (especially one that incorporates multiple procedures, like the Mommy Makeover does) you’ll need to arrange for alternate child care during the first few weeks after your operation since it’s not in your best interest to be chasing after little ones.

The downsides of summer surgery also have to do with the healing process. If you consider yourself to be a bit of a beach bunny, this might not be the right time for you. Not only can heat exacerbate issues like swelling, but UV exposure can cause scars to become more apparent and change colour; if your scar gets a tan, it tends to keep that tan. Most surgical sites shouldn’t be submerged in water for a number of weeks as they heal, so swimming won’t be an option for a little while. And for patients who want to get a great beach body in time for summer, it’s a bit too late to have your surgery at this time of year. You’ll still be able to enjoy the later summer months, but if your expectation is to be bikini-ready all summer long, you might feel more satisfied to plan your surgery in advance and be ready for next year.

If you’re interested non-surgical procedures like CoolSculpting, dermal fillers and injection treatments, the good news is that summer is just as good a time as any to have them. The bad news is… actually, there’s no bad news. Be sure to continue to use your sunscreen every day (the same goes for every season) to maintain your rejuvenated appearance and to protect yourself against the harmful side effects of sun exposure like melanoma.

So depending on all of these factors, the summer may or may not be the right time for you. But above all, the right time for you will always be when you’re physically and emotionally ready for it.


Body Contouring After Weight Loss: Before & After

Processed with MoldivEvery patient who walks through our doors has a unique story. The decision to have plastic surgery is always a personal one and we are so lucky to be able to join so many patients on what is so often a transformative, uplifting experience. I always feel grateful when our patients send us personal updates and share their stories with others, creating new communities on Facebook or YouTube in order to help others with similar struggles. It’s such a helpful tool to hear from someone who has actually gone through the procedure you’re interested in so that you can be as informed as possible, regardless of whether you decide to go ahead with surgery or not.

One of our recent body contouring after weight loss patients generously sent us photos of her journey and gave us permission to share her story with others. I’m so thankful for this gesture that will undoubtedly help so many others who find themselves in similar situations.

In November 2013, she weighed 309 lbs. By committing to lifestyle changes involving her diet and exercise plans, over the proceeding 16 months, she was able to lose an astonishing 145 lbs. This is such an incredible achievement that requires an impressive amount of hard work and dedication – she really transformed her whole life. I mean, it doesn’t get much more inspiring than that. However, after putting so much time and effort into her transformation, she found herself in the same place that many people who lose a significant amount of weight find themselves. While the weight is gone, there is loose skin that remains, especially around the abdominal area. Instead of being able to fully embrace their new body and improved health, people who have lost substantial weight often find that this unwanted saggy skin interferes with the worry-free life they were hoping to achieve. A lot of times it can even have an impact on their body image, which is detrimental to their efforts to keep the weight off as they move forward.

Unlike body fat, excess skin does not respond to changes in diet or exercise. In fact, it can really only be eliminated with surgical intervention like body contouring. When we talk about body contouring, what we’re talking about are procedures like tummy tuck, breast lift, arm and thigh lift. This way our patients get to totally enjoy the results of all the effort that went into their weight loss, whether it was achieved through lifestyle changes or through bariatric surgery.

These images show our patient in November 2013, then in March 2015 following her 145 lb. weight loss. The third image shows her results 6 weeks after her body contouring procedure. As she told us when sharing the photos, “I hope these images will help some future patients see what incredible results are possible with this surgery.  And I know it’s still going to get better!”

Processed with Moldiv

Studies have shown that patients who undergo body contouring after weight loss have a better chance of maintaining their weight loss results and often report a higher quality of life. This procedure frequently leads to not only improved health but also improved happiness, and that’s really the one-two punch of the work that we do.

We want everyone who comes to see us to celebrate who they are and what they’ve achieved. Whether that includes a person who wants to fully actualize the results of a major weight loss endeavour, or a mom who wants to restore her body after pregnancy and breastfeeding, or someone who wants to refresh their facial appearance so it matches the vitality of their personality, we’re lucky to be able to be here to help write the next chapter in each person’s unique story.


You’re Invited to a Boys’ Night Out


Please join us on Tuesday, June 9th for an evening of cold drinks, delicious charcuterie, special offers, amazing gifts, and styling and grooming tips. Best of all, you’ll be supporting Crossing for a Cause and Melanoma awareness. RSVP now!

What sort of awesome giveaways do we have in store? Over $600 worth of prizes:
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Plus you’ll learn from the experts how to make the most of your daily routine for maximum skincare performance, leaving your skin refreshed and ready to face the day.

boysnightout_2Join us at the Miracle 10 boutique in Yorkville (located at 67 Scollard Street, across from the Four Seasons Hotel) and meet special guest Michael McIsaac. A corporate lawyer at Beard Winter LLP, McIsaac is planning to accomplish one of the toughest physical challenges in the world – a long distance swim across Lake Ontario. His goal is to complete a sanctioned marathon swim across the lake commencing in Niagara-on-the-Lake and ending at Marilyn Bell Park, Toronto, to support the fight against melanoma. He’ll share his story and the insights he’s gained by training for this staggering 51km Crossing for a Cause swim he plans to undertake on August 28th. 

A portion of the evening’s proceeds will be donated in support of Crossing for a Cause and Melanoma Awareness. Learn more about Crossing for a Cause.

Where: Miracle 10 Boutique in Yorkville – 67 Scollard Street
When: Tuesday, June 9th, 6:00-8:00pm
RSVP by email or call us at 416-928-9494 and let us know you plan to attend


The Art of Beauty is Back


Join us on Thursday, May 28th – 2015
3pm – 8pm at The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Mississauga – 1421 Hurontario Street
10am – 8pm at the Miracle 10 Boutique & The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Toronto – 67 Scollard Street

RSVP to the Mississauga Event or call 416-622-0606 ext. 206
RSVP to the Yorkville Event 
or call 416-928-2209

* some restrictions on offer availability apply depending on location; please see fine print at the end of this post for details

One of our all-time favourite client appreciation events is back again for 2015! Working with all of our amazing clients is what makes our job so rewarding. We know that every person who walks through our doors is considering making a big decision. Whether you’re interested in non-surgical treatments like injections, or thinking about undergoing cosmetic surgery, we appreciate the trust you place in us when you choose to have your procedure at The Plastic Surgery Clinic and The Plastic Surgery Skincare Clinic. We really are lucky to be the ones who get to help see you through your own process of looking and feeling great. That’s why it’s so important to us to show our appreciation as often as possible.

Every year we host a number of big events, and one of the best has got to be The Art of Beauty. This summer beauty event takes place at both our Toronto and Mississauga locations and comes with all kinds of special offers, great gifts, and amazing treats. Join us on Thursday, May 28th to enjoy the following:

20% off Botox Cosmetic, Juvéderm, peels, lasers, and Miracle 10 Skincare
• $25 off Latisse ($25 rebate with purchase of one 5ml bottle or two 3ml bottles)
• amazing savings on CoolSculpting - for every $1500 you spend, you’ll receive $250 off
- spend $1500 receive $250 off
- spend $3000 receive $500 off
- spend $6000 receive $1000 off
• enter to win up to $5,000 in non-surgical treatments
special for clients new to Botox Cosmetic: purchase a minimum of two CoolSculpting cycles and receive 10 free units of Botox Cosmetic
• live demonstrations
• complimentary makeovers
• digital visualizations of your intended treatment
• complimentary sparkling beverages and savoury canapés
• complimentary valet parking

PLUS attend the event and receive a gift bag valued at $300 (you just need to attend one demo and one lecture to be eligible for the gift bag giveaway). You’ll also be able to register for our new Brilliant Distinctions rewards program, a loyalty program that gives you great savings on Botox Cosmetic, Juvéderm, and Latisse products.

Space is limited! RSVP now to make sure you don’t miss out on these unbeatable offers.

  • Everything listed above is available at The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Mississauga, 1421 Hurontario Street.
  • Available at our Toronto location: 20% off non-surgical treatments, exclusive offers, sparkling beverages and canapés at the Miracle 10 Boutique & The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Yorkville, 67 Scollard Street.
  • Non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments include: injectables, fillers, Miracle 10 facial peel treatments, all laser treatments. Offer is not applicable towards SoftLift™ packages.
  • Patients selecting the CoolSculpting with free Botox Cosmetic offer must be new to Botox Cosmetic at our clinic.
  • For Latisse rebate: you will receive your $25 off via mail-in rebate. One of our patient co-ordinators will help you arrange these details. 
  • New patients must schedule a 15 minute private appointment for a consultation with our RPN to determine your treatment plan. All nurses and clinicians will be available throughout May 28th, 2015 for consultation. Purchases are non-transferable. Special offers are only available for purchase on May 28th, 2015 at The Plastic Surgery Clinic in both Mississauga and Yorkville.