Redensity II Under Eye Treatment

Redensity II Under Eye Treatment

One of our favourite treatments here at The Plastic Surgery Clinic is an injectable filler called Redensity II, designed to restore the signs of aging around the eyes as well as treat genetically inherited or age related dark circles.

Who Is a Good Candidate for This Treatment?

Individuals who seek out this treatment generally describe themselves as looking tired, or having excessive bagginess and darkness under their eyes. The best candidates for this treatment are individuals who actually have a depression or hollowness in the area under their eye, often referred to as the tear trough area. Some cases of darkness under the eyes are the result of skin thinness, absolutely. But more often than not, this darkness is the result of a depression or hollowness (which may be very large and noticeable or very small). When the surrounding tissue is higher than the depression, a kind of shadow is cast on this area, making it look dark. When we inject Redensity II, we can fill the hollowness, and reduce this effect of a shadow being cast upon the tear trough area. Additional benefits of the injection include a softening of fine lines and wrinkles and an overall brightening of the skin around the eyes.

Men and women are equally affected by tear trough hollowness. Some hollowness is the result of aging and volume loss as we get older, but many individuals experience this issue as a result of genetics. We can treat both kinds of hollowness, and we treat men as well as women.

How Does the Treatment Work?

How your treatment is performed may depend on the clinic and the injector. Some injectors use a cannula, and some prefer regular needles. The injector’s preference might also change depending on your facial anatomy. The treatment itself is straight forward and takes about 15-30 minutes. The majority of patients find it extremely comfortable.

When Will I See Results?

Results are immediate and can last anywhere from 6 to 18 months. Most patients do not see any bruising or swelling in the area and go back to work immediately after the treatment is over (so long as you follow our pre and post treatment instructions!).

Redensity II before and after patient results

If tear trough darkness is a concern for you the best thing to do is to schedule a complimentary consultation so that you can discuss your options.

Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Rhinoplasty Symposium

It has been a busy but interesting month for conferences and medical meetings.  Dr. Jamil Ahmad and I were both in attendance at the world-renowned Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and  Rhinoplasty Symposium.  Dr. Ahmad participated on the faculty as the Anatomy Lab Course Director, and I participated as a Guest Cosmetic Faculty delivering two talks on breast augmentation surgery.

It was a bittersweet year for the annual event.  With the inaugural meeting in 1983, this marked the 35th year of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium and the 21st anniversary of the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting.  It also marked the passing of one of the symposium’s founders, the great Jack P. Gunter, M.D.  Jack was a consummate expert and superb rhinoplasty teacher, credited with teaching not only the science, but the art of rhinoplasty to over 10,000 plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons.  He influenced an entire generation of rhinoplasty experts with candour, humour and creative skill.  He will be forever remembered as one of the pioneers of rhinoplasty and a great educator of cosmetic medicine.  The 2018 Symposium was dedicated to his memory.

It was my fourth year speaking at the Dallas Symposium and I am continually impressed by this unique program which is now run by one of the greats in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Rod Rohrich. This meeting brings together a world class faculty and includes presentations, panel discussions, live demonstrations, pre-recorded video and Q&A sessions with audience participation. As a meeting truly aligned to instruction and shared knowledge, the objectives of the meetings are to teach other plastic surgeons how to achieve safe and reproducible aesthetic results.

Topics at the 2018 Cosmetic Surgery Meeting included state of the art technology in lasers, IPL, vaginal rejuvenation, noninvasive fat removal and skin tightening, cellulitis fixes/solutions, new hyaluronic acid fillers and advanced skin care, and ethical marketing practices around social media in medical practices.  The Rhinoplasty sessions covered a review of the nasal anatomy, how to analyze the nose, diagnosing common and uncommon rhinoplasty problems, and development of an individualized operative plan for various rhinoplasty deformities.

One of the most beneficial elements of this particular Symposium is the outstanding anatomy lab.  The Fresh Cadaver lab is a unique experience allowing attendees hands-on participation to observe and learn new techniques directly from the experts.  This year, this unique experience included a focus on controversies and advances in face, breast and body contouring procedures, as well as surgical and nonsurgical options for facial rejuvenation and autologous fat grafting.  This is a valuable hands-on experience that uniquely provides the opportunity to learn and then apply new techniques and innovative procedures.

It was a delight to attend and participate in this meeting.  With several more conferences on the immediate horizon, Dr. Ahmad and I are always looking to stay on the forefront of new advances, technologies and developments in Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic practices.

What to Do About Stretch Marks?

For many, stretch marks are a fact of life. In fact, up to 90% of women report having them. Most of us develop them during puberty when our bodies undergo dramatic changes. As the skin stretches to accommodate for a growth spurt, it becomes susceptible to developing the striae we see as stretch marks.

When stretch marks first appear, they can be quite red or purplish. They may indeed look rather dramatic. But over time they turn lighter and fade. That’s why stretch marks we’ve lived with since we were teens generally don’t tend to bother us.

Beyond puberty, women may find that new stretch marks appear following rapid weight gain or weight loss, as well as during pregnancy. For whatever reason, these stretch marks generally seem to cause more consternation than their puberty-induced counterparts. Know that they will indeed fade with time, however if you are very bothered by them or don’t find them fading to your satisfaction, there are new technologies that can greatly improve their look.

Enter Venus Viva Nano Fractional Radio Frequency treatments. The Venus Viva uses very tiny pins that deliver nano fractional radio frequency (a kind of”heat”) down through the skin’s surface. The combination of the abrasion (via the pins) and the heat delivered to the skin creates a tiny micro-dermal wound that the body then seeks to heal. In the process of healing these little wounds, it also heals and restores the look of other skin irregularities such as scars, stretch marks, skin damage, enlarged pores, wrinkles and rosacea.

How many treatments you require depends on the individual patient, but we tend to see good results in 3-4 sessions done every 4-6 weeks.

Tuning into Radio Frequencies for Better Skin

As Hollywood is coming to the end of its’ celebrated Awards Season, I was asked to join the morning show on iHeartRadio CHUM FM to discuss how celebrities get red carpet ready.  For those who aren’t yet tuned in by 6:15 in the morning, the segment can be heard here.  It’s always a pleasure to chat with  Roger & Marilyn. On this particular segment I was there to discuss non-invasive treatments to help put your best self forward, including one of the newest procedures at The Plastic Surgery Clinic – Venus Viva Diamond Polar Treatments. So here’s the scoop on our latest new skin care technology

Venus Viva

Venus Viva is a new technology that helps to diminish signs of skin damage, including acne, stretch marks, rosacea, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, uneven skin, dyschromia and other pigmentation. The new Venuis Viva can be used on patients of any skin type and any skin colour.

So how is Venus Viva different? Venus Viva delivers NanoFractional (high intensity) Radio Frequency, via tiny pins through the skin’s surface, creating micro dermal areas of collagen stimulation. This signals your body to activate your natural wound response, and accelerates the formation of new, healthy tissue. Since the micro stimulated areas are so small, there is less down time for healing and less discomfort than traditional CO2 lasers, while still producing beautiful results.

At The Plastic Surgery Clinic, we work to enhance your Venus Viva treatment with the DiamondPolar applicator, which works to improve results by further diminishing lines and wrinkles. Using Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields, the DiamondPolar applicator produces uniform heat under the skin’s surface. This process helps to naturally boost collagen and elastin fibers, to produce firmer, smoother skin, creating a plump and youthful appearance.

The Venus Viva treatment may give very mild discomfort, but is not painful. You will feel a sensation like tiny pins on the skin followed by a little zap, then your skin may feel warm, like a minor sunburn. For treatments in more sensitive areas, a topical numbing cream may be applied to reduce any discomfort.

Treatments may last from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on  the size and location of the treatment area. Since every person has unique skin properties and conditions, the number of treatments to achieve the best results may vary. Downtime following treatment is minimal, with most patients returning to regular skin care and makeup routines after 24 hours. Venus Viva and DiamondPolar applicator treatments act to super-charge natural responses in the body. Therefore, the results take time to reach their full effect, but are long lasting and safe for all skin tones.

With any treatment it is important that your care is personalized to meet your personal needs. At The Plastic Surgery Clinic, we consult with each of our patients individually to ensure we are using the best combination of tools to create the most beautiful, natural results. After all, the best compliment you can often receive, is to hear you look fresh and well rested. Now that’s something to strive for!

Dr. Lista Gives Abdominoplasty Lectures at Prestigious London Event

Dr. Lista gives keynote lecture

I am often asked to attend medical conferences in a variety of roles ranging from Key-Note Speaker, Visiting Professor, Conference Chair or to perform Live Surgery.  Most recently, I was asked to speak at the Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Europe 2018 Conference held in London, England, hosted by the prestigious Royal College of Physicians, London.

Taking the opportunity to connect with colleagues form across the pond and escape a few days of Toronto’s winter chill, it was an easy invitation to accept.  I was asked to Chair a Key-Note address, and to deliver two talks; one on Abdominoplasty Safety and the other on effective Abdominal Lipoplasty.

One of the most interesting elements of this particular conference was that it wasn’t entirely focused on Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery.  Many of the attending and presenting surgeons were General Surgeons or Plastic Surgeons, and the abdominal area was investigated from a holistic perspective including hernias, mesh inserts, congenital repairs, umbilicoplasty, abdominal wall reconstruction and aesthetic refining.  New learnings in patient care, wound repair and closure, tissue expansion techniques, usage of Botox in large incision repair and advances in medical materials were all presented, from those on the leading edge of innovation and research.

At The Plastic Surgery Clinic we are considered world leaders in the area of  abdominal aesthetic surgery, not only cosmetic, but also to correct hernias and deformities associated with hernias, previous surgery, childbirth and caesarian sections.  It is always a privilege to be included as a presenter at esteemed events such as this, and I genuinely look forward to connecting with and discussing the rationale, techniques and perspectives of other surgeons in our field.

Dr. Lista Speaking in London

At The Plastic Surgery Clinic, advancements in research are not only critical to ensuring our patients receive the most up to date medical care, but something we actively participate in every day.  We have published ground breaking papers several leading Medical Journals on the topic of abdominoplasty. At this meeting in England they wanted to learn our approach of combining reconstructive techniques with cosmetic principals in order to make patient’s look and feel better about their abdomens.   By contributing to the overall medical community and attending conferences like the Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Europe 2018, we become poised to benefit from the shared learning of the medical community both at home and abroad.

On a personal note, the British really do know how to deliver on hospitality.  Taking in the elegant Tudor Buildings, history and charm of London is truly enjoyable, and nothing beats a classic English High Tea experience.