Dr. Lista Gives Abdominoplasty Lectures at Prestigious London Event

Dr. Lista gives keynote lecture

I am often asked to attend medical conferences in a variety of roles ranging from Key-Note Speaker, Visiting Professor, Conference Chair or to perform Live Surgery.  Most recently, I was asked to speak at the Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Europe 2018 Conference held in London, England, hosted by the prestigious Royal College of Physicians, London.

Taking the opportunity to connect with colleagues form across the pond and escape a few days of Toronto’s winter chill, it was an easy invitation to accept.  I was asked to Chair a Key-Note address, and to deliver two talks; one on Abdominoplasty Safety and the other on effective Abdominal Lipoplasty.

One of the most interesting elements of this particular conference was that it wasn’t entirely focused on Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery.  Many of the attending and presenting surgeons were General Surgeons or Plastic Surgeons, and the abdominal area was investigated from a holistic perspective including hernias, mesh inserts, congenital repairs, umbilicoplasty, abdominal wall reconstruction and aesthetic refining.  New learnings in patient care, wound repair and closure, tissue expansion techniques, usage of Botox in large incision repair and advances in medical materials were all presented, from those on the leading edge of innovation and research.

At The Plastic Surgery Clinic we are considered world leaders in the area of  abdominal aesthetic surgery, not only cosmetic, but also to correct hernias and deformities associated with hernias, previous surgery, childbirth and caesarian sections.  It is always a privilege to be included as a presenter at esteemed events such as this, and I genuinely look forward to connecting with and discussing the rationale, techniques and perspectives of other surgeons in our field.

Dr. Lista Speaking in London

At The Plastic Surgery Clinic, advancements in research are not only critical to ensuring our patients receive the most up to date medical care, but something we actively participate in every day.  We have published ground breaking papers several leading Medical Journals on the topic of abdominoplasty. At this meeting in England they wanted to learn our approach of combining reconstructive techniques with cosmetic principals in order to make patient’s look and feel better about their abdomens.   By contributing to the overall medical community and attending conferences like the Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Europe 2018, we become poised to benefit from the shared learning of the medical community both at home and abroad.

On a personal note, the British really do know how to deliver on hospitality.  Taking in the elegant Tudor Buildings, history and charm of London is truly enjoyable, and nothing beats a classic English High Tea experience.

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Not Having to Choose: Why We Love Injectable Fillers

Lip Fillers

Catherine Deneuve once famously quoted that eventually, “a woman has to choose between her bottom and her face.”

Choose between maintaining a youthful face or having a great body?  Impossible to decide!  At the Plastic Surgery Clinic, we would like to debunk this particular myth, as we continue our series into personal journeys and achieving our goals.

Step four – Fillers

A natural part of the aging process is the loss or atrophy of fat deposits in our face, most noticeably in the cheeks and under the eyes.  As volume decreases, the overlying skin is no longer being supported and will begin to sag.  This can lead to a more gaunt appearance which is associated with an older face.  Injectable fillers act to replenish these fat deposits by filling in the line, crease or depression to renew a youthful fullness.

What exactly is a dermal filler?

At The Plastic Surgery Clinic we use a variety of Hyaluronic Acid fillers.  Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally occurring component of skin and connective tissue, that acts to plump, hydrate, repair and preserve moisture.  HA is the most commonly used Dermal Filler due to its’ effectiveness and use in a variety of formulations.

Not every filler is suitable for every wrinkle.  Hyaluronic Acid fillers come in hydrophilic (water loving) and hydrophobic (water repelling) formulas.  The water loving formulations become fuller and softer inside the body to give volume in cheeks, fill in deep lines and re-create youthful fullness.  For areas of limited volume loss, such as under the eyes, we don’t want to create a puffy or ‘too full’ appearance, so we use hydrophobic Hyaluronic Acid fillers to give a subtle but youthful lift in volume.

Hyaluronic Acid is also used for our lip injections.  Whether you born with thin lips, have asymmetry in your upper or lower lip, are bothered by lips that may be out of proportion with your face, or have noticed a gradual atrophy of lip volume over time, a lip injection can help create a full, even, voluptuous pout.

And yes, it’s all needles.  Don’t worry – we make it a comfortable experience for everyone!  By using a topical numbing agent and the smallest possible needle gauge, we are able to deliver beautiful, natural, youthful results with limited discomfort.  Most fillers last from six to twelve months depending on where they are injected.  Studies have shown that Hyaluronic Acid injections lead to natural collagen production at the site of injection, leading to less filler required over time, less often.  Of course, individual results vary, but we work with our patients individually to ensure optimum results.

Facial fillers and lip injections are about subtlety and precision.  We take very great care at The Plastic Surgery Clinic to ensure our injection Nurses are not only trained in the medical aspects of injection procedures, but in the artistry of the practice.  Aesthetic beauty is often a combination of symmetry and balance.  Our injection team treats each of our patients with individuality and care, to ensure the most beautiful, personalized results.

Keeping it Smooth with Injections for Wrinkles


Looking out the window and frowning at the weather?  We can help with that!

We can’t change the weather, but at The Plastic Surgery Clinic we can help to ensure those frown lines are a thing of the past!  As we continue our series on individual journeys, and how to achieve your personal goals, it’s time to dip past the surface and go a little deeper.

Step three – Botox

Botox, or botulinum toxin type A, comes from the Costridium botulinum bacteria, and was first used in 1977 to treat strabismus, a visual problem in which the eyes are not properly aligned and point in different directions.  It was later used to treat uncontrolled muscle spasms in the face, and a delightful side effect was noticed – patients had fewer wrinkles in the skin overlying the treated muscle.  In 1996 doctors started using Botox for cosmetic reasons, and in 2002, a star was officially born when the FDA approved Botox for cosmetic use.

Today, Botox is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment with over 6 million Botox treatments administered each year.  But how does it work?

When a muscle contracts, nerves release the neurotransmitter acetylcholine at the junction where the nerve cell meets the muscle cell.  Acetylcholine acts a chemical messenger, attaching to the muscle cell and telling the muscle to shorten, or contract.  Botox interferes with this communication by preventing the nerve cell from releasing acetylcholine.  When the muscle cell contracts less, it becomes less stiff, and the overlying skin appears more smooth.

For cosmetic applications, Botox powder is mixed with saline at extremely low concentrations, and injected into the muscle just beneath the surface of the skin.  It generally takes 24-72 hours for the full effect to be observed, and results typically last up to 4 months.  Does it hurt?  Not really.  The needles used to administer Botox are of the finest gauge and the injection depth is very shallow.  Most patients experience a nominal pricking sensation and continue on with their day immediately after treatment.

The most common area treated with Botox is the ‘eleven’, the wrinkles between the eyebrows called the glabella.  Interestingly, these muscles are only useful for one purpose – to create a fearful expression.  At one time this would have been useful for scaring away enemies or telegraphing an imminent attack, but that was meant for a time when food and resources were a scarcity.  Definitely before climate controlled grocery stores replaced hunting and gathering in the field.  Other common areas include the horizontal lines of the forehead, elevating or evening out eyebrow asymmetry, crow’s feet around the eyes, lines on the sides of the nose (bunny lines) and wrinkles around the lips.

As with any medical procedure, it is important to use a trusted, certified Botox injector.  All of our Injection Nurses are just that – nurses – and have been trained to ensure the highest quality of aesthetic service, safety and beautiful results.

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Woman Touching Her Skin

Half way through the first month of the new year, and we are all starting to find our stride in 2018.

As we continue our series  on individual journeys and how the Plastic Surgery Clinic can help you achieve your goals, we wanted to step into week two by putting our best face forward!

Step two – Quality Skin.

Your face is your greeting card, your trademark, the gate-keeper of your expressions and one of the first places to show that you were out too late or didn’t use sunscreen on that last vacation.  Although we have a variety of tools to cover up any sins we may have committed over the past days, weeks, or months, the quality of our skin is difficult to hide. Skin that is refreshed, glowing, bright, even, and nourished echoes a narrative that implies our deeper state of health, emotional happiness, and personal vitality.

How do we make the most of our skin quality?

For aging, tired, acne prone or dull skin, there are a handful of ingredients commonly used to chemically exfoliate, which can brighten, clear and refresh the skin:  Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Salicylic Acid.

Glycolic Acid is made from sugar cane and contains the most active of the Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHAs).  Due to its small molecular size, AHA penetrates the skin cell, where it triggers the new formation of collagen to plump the cell for a fuller, smoother look.

Lactic acid is a naturally occurring humectant in skin, and works by pulling moisture from the air and holding it within the skin cell.  Lactic acid is less irritating and more moisturizing than Glycolic Acid, and can be used at higher concentrations.

Glycolic and Lactic Acid peels are similar in their actions, but generally pure Lactic Acid is best for treating age/sun spots while pure Glycolic Acid attacks fine lines.  For best results, an alternating Glycolic and Lactic combination is great for a revitalizing improvement to both tone and texture.

Salicylic Acid is a mild keratolytic agent – meaning it promotes the loosening and removal of the outer layer of skin cells.  It’s a safe, effective treatment most commonly used for mild acne and oily skin, by encouraging the peeling of the top layer of cells and opening of plugged follicles.

Exfoliation can also occur mechanically with a variety of facial scrubs or wait for it – dermaplaning!  Our unique Miracle 10 dermaplaning approach uses a blade to carefully remove the outermost layer of the skin.  Without any blood or cutting, the blade is manually drawn across the face to slough off 2-3 weeks worth of dead skin.  This leaves the skin perfectly primed for any chemical treatment to penetrate deeper and provide optimal results.

Our Miracle 10 Peel Treatment provides the best of both worlds by combining dermaplaning with a mild Glycolic of Lactic Acid peel, fruit enzyme scrub and a soothing mask. Your result is glowing, even, more youthful looking skin.  The benefits are immediate, and treatment requires no down time from redness or facial sensitivity.  The perfect lunch time beauty treatment!