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CoolSculpting Featured in Best Health Magazine, Summer Issue

CoolSculpting has become an increasingly popular fat reduction procedure with a growing number of skincare experts recommending it to their patients. Nowadays, patients are looking for alternatives to surgical techniques that reduce unwanted fat, and this unique treatment approach adopted by CoolSculpting sets it apart from not just invasive treatments, but also from many other non-invasive alternatives available on the market today.

Invasive Treatments

Surgical fat reduction treatments such as liposuction or abdominoplasty follow a traditional invasive approach to eliminate unwanted fat cells. The results with such surgical procedures can be quite impressive and appear almost instantly. The challenge with this traditional approach however is that surgery usually involves extended downtime and various potential risks and complications. Though most patients are suited for invasive procedures, some may not be fit to undergo surgery, or would rather not have to deal with the post-surgical downtime associated with an invasive approach to fat reduction.

CoolSculpting: A Revolutionary Treatment to Invasive Fat Reduction 

CoolSculpting has introduced a revolutionary cooling approach that achieves the same goals of fat reduction, but without the challenges associated with invasive treatments. Moreover, CoolSculpting does not involve painful incisions to suck out unwanted fat, nor does it involve an aggressive removal of fat cells. CoolSculpting, instead, achieves the goal of fat reduction without making a single incision to the body and therefore requires no downtime. It permanently freezes unwanted fat cells without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue and is typically free of any risks and complications.

The rapidly growing awareness among patients and CoolSculpting has made it a treatment of choice for many. In fact, The Plastic Surgery Clinic has been featured in the Summer Issue of Best Health Magazine, as editor-in-chief, Beth Thompson, underwent a CoolSculpting procedure to help get her body bikini ready for the summer.

Our very own registered nurse, Jenny Cajucom performed CoolSculpting on a Best Health editor, where just after two months, she noticed a major difference in the overall look and feel of her stomach. “I’m about halfway to three months and I’ve noticed that my pants are already looser. Yay! I’m finally looking forward to slipping into a skimpy little swim number,” says Thompson.

See the exclusive article below.

coolsculpting-resultscoolsculpting-results1Learn more about CoolSculpting offered at The Plastic Surgery Clinic.

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How Much Does Cosmetic Surgery Cost?

When it comes to considering cosmetic enhancement procedures, it’s important to balance your expectations and aesthetic goals with your budget. Yet, at the same time, depending on what you want to see, sometimes spending more on a more invasive procedure is the better option. For most cosmetic concerns and needs, there is a high and low option to choose from.

It can take some serious consideration to balance your aesthetic goals with your budget. But it’s also important to know when you have options—especially if you’re not suitable for or interested in more invasive procedures that require more healing time, or if you’re not yet ready to make a more substantial investment. For most cosmetic concerns and needs, there is a high and low option to choose from.

For example, if you’re interested in reshaping your nose, a traditional rhinoplasty surgery isn’t your only option. In some particular cases, using an injectable hyaluronic acid filler can create what’s known as a non-surgical nose job for only a fraction of the cost. “Some people don’t like the bump on their nose,” Dr. Lista explains, “so instead of lowering the bump, we fill in the depression to straighten out the nose, which is much less invasive since it only takes half an hour and then you can go home.”

Similarly, if you want to treat a concern such as sagging skin, a traditional surgical lift (which can range from something like a facelift, to other areas of the body including arm lifts and thigh lifts) isn’t the only option. Although it won’t achieve the same high level of transformational effects, non-surgical options are available to help tighten skin everywhere on the body. “To treat sagging skin, we use radio-frequency treatments, which heat up the protein collagen so it shrinks,” explains Dr. Lista. Minimal downtime is required and it tightens loose areas, such as the neck, bellybutton and face.

To find out more, including various options for breast augmentation and removing excess fat, see Dr. Lista’s responses in the tables below.

elevate-non-surgical-procedures elevate-plastic-surgery-procedures


Dr. Lista on Celebrity Plastic Surgery & the “Kardashian Effect”

It’s red carpet season once again, and celebrities everywhere are seeking out the latest treatments to bring their A-game to this year’s top awards ceremonies. Dr. Lista appeared on the Roger and Marilyn show on CHUM FM this morning to discuss which procedures can help you achieve the A-list look and to explain what’s come to be known as the “Kardashian Effect.”

Between injectables, CoolSculpting, Thermi skin tightening, and PicoWay tattoo removal, we’ve got non-surgical cosmetic treatments available for all types of concerns. Listen to the full interview to find out the details on today’s biggest procedures.

Dr. Ahmad on Rhinoplasty in Elevate Magazine

Dr. Ahmad is featured in the latest issue of Elevate Magazine, Canada’s cosmetic enhancement authority that has provided coverage on anti-aging, wellness, and enhancement for over 10 years. The feature, 4 Common Plastic Surgery Myths Debunked, “sifts through the junk for the facts and truths about cosmetic enhancement.”

As the Director of Research and Education at The Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr. Ahmad is committed to developing research in order to further the art and science of plastic surgery, continuing to improve the care that we provide for our patients. Further to that goal, he is similarly invested in improving patient knowledge and understanding of cosmetic medicine with the belief that an informed patient is an empowered patient.

The abundance of information currently available online for patients allows for an unprecedented number of resources for prospective patients, which is an important and powerful tool. At the same time, some of this information can confuse, mislead and deter patients from perfectly safe and effective procedures. Dr. Ahmad hopes that contributions to features like this one will help to clear up some of the popular misunderstandings surrounding plastic surgery.

In this feature, Dr. Ahmad addresses a common misconception about rhinoplasty—specifically that nose surgery usually takes more than one procedure and that patients are frequently required to return to their surgeon for corrections. The truth is, revision rates for rhinoplasty vary greatly, although one study placed the typical revision rate at less than 10% of all patients. As Dr. Ahmad explains, there are two important considerations for nose surgery patients that can significantly reduce the chances that a revision surgery will be necessary.

“The first is the surgeon’s experience,” he explains in the article. “What type of training do they have? How many surgeries have they performed? And do they perform revision rhinoplasty?” Following this concern, the second important factor is to make sure that the patient and the surgeon have a similar point of view in terms of their aesthetic goals for the patient’s nose. It’s helpful if both patient and surgeon share common ground on what they think makes an attractive nose and that both share the same understanding of the goals for nose surgery. As Dr. Ahmad explains, one way to help achieve this is during the consultation process. By looking at a wide range of the surgeon’s before and after photos and by having a very open and honest conversation about the prospective surgery, a patient can determine if they are on the same page and also get a good sense of their doctor’s aesthetic sensibility.

Dr. Ahmad on Rhinoplasty

As a practitioner of both primary and revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Ahmad has an extensive level of experience with nasal surgery. If you’re considering rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic surgery procedures and have lingering questions, call us toll free at 1-866-803-6415 or fill out the request for information at the bottom of this page to book a free consultation with him today.


Dr. Lista on CoolSculpting in the Toronto Star

Toronto CoolSculptingThe Toronto Star recently published a feature with Dr. Lista all about CoolSculpting. They wanted to know: why are so many men are attracted to this non-surgical fat freezing procedure?

The article’s author Robert Cribb (pictured here with The Plastic Surgery Clinic RN Jenny and our actual CoolSculpting patient, Josh, at our Toronto clinic) explains that men everywhere have been looking to find the right balance in the pursuit of six pack abs and a six pack of beer among friends. One common thing we hear from both male and female CoolSculpting patients is that they’ve tried everything. They’ve stuck to healthy diets, worked out regularly, and managed to maintain an overall weight that they’re happy with. But still, not matter how hard they try, they find they have those unwanted, stubborn pockets of fat around their midsection, back, or thighs. No matter how hard they try to follow the strictest lifestyle parameters, it just won’t go away.

That’s where revolutionary CoolSculpting comes in. Developed by scientists at Harvard, this groundbreaking treatment uses the science of cold to eliminate fat cells for good. Our patients love it because there’s no surgery and no downtime required. For one hour, consistent cold temperatures are applied by the CoolSculpting applicator to the targeted areas of unwanted fat. Because fat freezes at higher temperatures than water, only fat cells are killed while the surrounding tissues are left unharmed. Over the three months that follow a CoolSculpting treatment, the body naturally processes and eliminates these dead cells, eventually revealing a more trim and contoured silhouette.

As Dr. Lista explains in the article, half of the patients who visit The Plastic Surgery Clinic for CoolSculpting appointments are men who are usually targeting stubborn fat around the love handles, abdominal, and back areas. This even gender split is not something Dr. Lista sees in any other cosmetic or surgical procedure performed at the clinic. “Men are kind of chicken so they don’t like have to have surgery,” he says. “This is something you can do on your lunch break.”

Read the full article here to find out more and learn more about the reasons our patient Josh chose CoolSculpting treatments.

Watch the Toronto Star video feature:

Josh’s before and after:
CoolSculpting before and after photo