Dr. Ahmad Co-Authors Article on State of the Art Rhinoplasty

Dr. Ahmad has co-authored a new journal article in the prestigious journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery on the topic of state of the art rhinoplasty. One of the most commonly performed forms of plastic surgery, trends in rhinoplasty have shifted over the last 20 years. In this article, Dr. Ahmad explains the importance of the assessment phase before surgery and ways to identify factors that could affect the final outcome. He describes how to develop an operative plan that will address the patient’s appearance goals while preserving or improving the nasal airway. Essentially, Dr. Ahmad shares his unique expertise to illustrate how nose surgery can be used to create an excellent result that improves both form and function.

As he explains, “the key to successful rhinoplasty is identifying our patients’ goals and expectations and creating a natural appearing nose that improves facial balance and harmony.”