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Vaginal Rejuvenation: 5 Reasons Why Women are Doing It

vaginal-rejuvenation-torontoVaginal rejuvenation is an umbrella of both surgical and non-surgical procedures that can enhance, tighten and tone the vagina. While many people will relate such procedures strictly with cosmetic enhancement, there are several reasons women undergo vaginal rejuvenation, many of which are non-cosmetic related.

Truth be told, vaginal rejuvenation is not just for amplifying your confidence below the belt — it can also improve a woman’s overall health and wellbeing. So, why are more and more women undergoing these procedures? Read on to find out.

1. Vaginal Laxity

About 50% of women will experience vaginal laxity (weakened vaginal muscles) as a result of aging, and especially following childbirth. This can certainly make intercourse feel less pleasurable for not only the woman, but for her partner as well. For this reason, many women will undergo a vaginal rejuvenation procedure to restore the most intimate part of their lives, ultimately assisting in regaining sexual pleasure.

What can be done?

There are both surgical and non-invasive options that can correct vaginal laxity. If you choose to undergo a vaginoplasty, it will require surgery that can usually be completed in under an hour. During this procedure, your surgeon will make small incisions inside the vaginal area to join the loose muscles and shorten them. The vaginal opening will also be tightened at this time.

If surgery isn’t for you, the latest in revolutionary non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment, also known as ThermiVa, is another viable option for treating vaginal laxity. This particular procedure uses radio frequency technology and the science of heat to comfortably tighten the vaginal tissues safely and effectively without surgery or downtime. Many patients report that the treatment experience feels like a warm massage.

2. Mild Stress Urinary Incontinence

Women who encounter mild bladder leakage often find it a major nuisance, especially during physical activity and exertion, or while coughing, lifting, or exercising. Bladder leakage is in no way a cosmetic concern, but rather a burden that can alter the body’s function. For this reason, women will undergo vaginal rejuvenation to reduce urinary leaking and urge.

What can be done?

ThermiVa’s radiofrequency technology has been proven to correct the burden of mild bladder leakage. In fact, when ThermiVa is used with pelvic floor physical therapy, many women are able to avoid bladder surgeries – like the mesh and sling – as they reported a reduction in urinary leaking and urge after these treatments.

3. Sexual Dysfunction

Persistent, recurrent problems with sexual response, desire, orgasm or pain can cause distress for a woman who experiences this condition. Female sexual dysfunction can occur at any stage of life, and this disruption can certainly bring forth the desire for treatment.

What can be done?

Vagioplasty surgery is a very effective treatment option for sexual dysfunction in women. Because this procedure can make the vaginal canal much tighter, sensations during intercourse post surgery will be much more pleasurable for both the woman and her partner.

ThermiVa can also correct sexual dysfunction in women. By tightening the tissues of the vaginal walls, as well as in the clitoral and g-spot areas, increased nerve sensitivity can occur, resulting in stronger pelvic floor muscular contractions and the capability to achieve orgasm in a shorter period of time.

4. Labial Cosmetic Appearance

Excessive or uneven development of the labia can be a great source of discomfort for some women. A woman with overly large labia may experience pain during intercourse, pain when sitting, difficulty using tampons, and even discomfort when walking or running. Thankfully, there are treatment options available.

What can be done?

Surgical correction of excessive vaginal lips, otherwise known as a labia reduction or labiaplasty, will correct the overall cosmetic appearance of the labia. This procedure is a relatively minor operation that can be performed by a plastic surgeon, and in some cases, can be performed under local anesthetic or freezing.

For those women wishing to correct the appearance of their outer labia, ThermiVa has been proven to help. This non-surgical procedure can tighten soft tissues in the labia that helps to reduce external sagging. Many women who are concerned about labial sagging find that this treatment enables them to feel more comfortable in tight clothing like jeans, swimwear, and exercise apparel. In most cases, where the inner labia excessively protrudes far beyond the outer labia, surgical correction is recommended for optimal results.

5. Vaginal Dryness

One of the most common causes of vaginal dryness in women is low estrogen levels. This condition is often seen post-menopause and can bring forth pain during intercourse, and can also be associated with arousal difficulties.

What can be done?

While there are many different vaginal treatments available, from non-prescription, non-medicated lubricants and moisturizers to prescription-only topical as well as pill forms of estrogen therapy, they are only effective with consistent use.

When treated internally to the vaginal muscles, ThermiVa can assist in correcting vaginal dryness. In fact, many women with this condition have reported improved vaginal lubrication following ThermiVa treatments, likely as a result of an increase in blood flow to the vaginal canal.

If you decide to undergo either a surgical or non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure, whatever your motivation, be sure to consult with a highly qualified, board certified plastic surgeon. At The Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad will listen to you and help you choose the best procedure for your body and your lifestyle. Their patient-focused approach have earned a reputation for being exceptionally gifted Toronto vaginal rejuvenation surgeons.

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Vaginal Tightening Surgery & Personal Choice for Women

vaginoplasty procedurePopular attitudes about plastic surgery continue to change over time. What was at one time a fairly taboo subject is increasingly becoming a common life experience for many people. That being said, there are still some aspects of cosmetic surgery that continue to court controversy, and often the more private and personal procedures garner the most public attention.

One of the most sensitive procedures that falls into this category is, without a doubt, vaginal rejuvenation. Also commonly known as vaginal tightening surgery or vaginoplasty, it’s a surgical treatment that some women turn to when they find that their vaginal muscles have weakened or stretched usually after childbirth, though sometimes simply as a result of the aging process. Many women who decide that it’s the right option for them find that their self-confidence and quality of life are improved. Several patients we see cite improved intimacy with their romantic partners after recovery following vaginal tightening surgery. As with any elective surgical procedure, it might not be right for everyone, but for the women who are well informed and know that they are good vaginal tightening surgery candidates, it’s a very personal experience and it can be life changing.

A recent news article from CTV discusses some of the controversy around the growing popularity of vaginal tightening surgery and features an interview with Dr. Ahmad explaining his point of view and the general philosophy of The Plastic Surgery Clinic. As he observes, “from our perspective, this is about women making a conscious decision to improve something that’s bothering them. It’s about women having the right to choose what they do with their bodies. I think we should be advocates of women’s health, to educate them about their options and not shame women who are unhappy with something about themselves.” He also discusses the improvement that the procedure can make to women’s personal lives, stating, “patients frequently come back saying they feel great, they’re so happy, they’re happier with [their sex lives].” The article in its entirety can be found here.

It seems as though, as a society, we’re moving closer to the day when the private choices women make for their own bodies will no longer be up for public scrutiny. Here’s hoping that day arrives sooner rather than later.