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Dancing With The Stars of Plastic Surgery


Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Jet H. Ross

November 26th, 2008

As the current season of the popular celebrity filled "Dancing With the Stars" comes to an end, Make Me Heal explores whether or not the three finalists, singer Lance Bass, host and model Brooke Burke (and winner) and former NFL-er Warren Sapp have had plastic surgery. Lance Bass has certainly gone under the knife, as Make Me Heal reported when Lance was first announced as a con-testant on the show (See Make Me Heal's story on Lance Bass' nose job). The 29-year old former member of N'Sync underwent a rhinoplasty to narrow both the bridge and tip of his nose, leaving him with a more refined nose.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden says, "Lance Bass appears to have had a rhinoplasty to thin the nasal bridge and refine the tip. Overall it makes his nose look a bit narrower on his face.

He seems to have lost some weight since his N Sync days and his facial structure has matured.  He also seems to be tanner now and has very bright teeth.. probably the result of dental whitening and a tanning booth. He probably works out and lifts weights regularly as well."

In addition, Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, Calif., speculates that the former boy-band member may have had Botox injections, saying, "Lance Bass has maybe had Botox, but it doesn't seem as if he has had any other surgeries."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J. Aston agrees with both assessments, saying, "Lance Bass has had a rhinoplasty as his nose is thinner and shorter than earlier photos.I dont see other facial changes but a little Botox is always a possibility."

Sexy mother of 4, Brooke Burke rose to fame as a model turned television host and actress. Now, she's heating up the dance floor and is considered the favorite to win the disco ball statue.

After being to a plastic surgeon, it seems unlikely that 37-year old Brooke's body is all her own. Make Me Heal suspects the tan beauty has been under the knife to have a breast augmentation, nose job and most recently, facial fillers like Restylane.

Dr. Walden tells Make Me Heal, "Brooke Burke has a great figure after having children, and likely has undergone breast augmentation in the past.

Regimented exercise and diet are also in the mix to keep up such a look.  Since she once was married to a plastic surgeon cosmetic procedures have been at her disposal, meaning she has had greater exposure and access to them than the average person.
She looks as if she has undergone a conservative rhinoplasty as well which has narrowed the nose but did not change it too drastically.

It would not be a surprise to hear that she has had the help of a little Botox and Restylane soft tissue filler, too."

Dr. Sherrel's opinion is that Brooke's main plastic surgery lies in her breasts, "Brooke Burke is a very pretty woman and has a amazing body for a lady with 4 children. She appears to have had breast augmentation and possibily a breast lift which would not be unusual after 4 children. Her abdomen appears of a normal contour  that has not had a full abdominoplasty. Maybe she had a miniabdominoplasty but I think she has worked out hard and is one of the fortunate few who can have a great abdomen after multiple children. Her nose and eyes are original. Maybe she has had a little Botox but that is about it."

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia also suspects that Brooke has likely gone under the knife.
Dr. Nassif also picked up on her former husband's occupation as a plastic surgeon, saying, "Brooke Burke was married to Garth Fisher at one time.  It looks as if she has had breast implants."

A newcomer to entertainment, it is unlikely that pro football player Warren Sapp has found time to go under the knife for any cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Walden agrees, saying, "I do not think that Warren Sapp has had anything done."

Dr. Nassif concurs with her, saying, "I doubt if Warren Sapp has had any surgeries."

It must be true because Dr. Sherrell also suspects Warren to be natural as he tells Make Me Heal, "Warren Sapp does not show evidence of plastic surgery unless he had some neck and jawline liposuction. However it is hard to tell as he's is just not as big in general as during his football days."




Dr. Lista's POV on:

Dancing With the Stars of Plastic Surgery

Good Plastic Surgery should be undectable. The result from cosmetic surgery should be a natural. You should look and feel like yourself. At the Plastic Surgery Clinc our goal is to give each patient a natural look which suits the way they fell about themselves. I think a good plastic surgery result is one where no-one know for sure whether you have had something done or not. We want no one to know that our patients have had cosmetic surgery. After plastic surgery you should look like yourself, only better.