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Dr. Lista Featured on



Ethnic Cosmetic Surgeries Rising

Washington Times

(2008-09-10) P. B1; Geracimos, Ann

The amount of individuals from minority ethnic and racial backgrounds in the United States interested in cosmetic treatment is increasing, with almost 25 percent of such surgical procedures in 2007 done on ethnic patients.

"If you look at market dynamics, it is almost an untapped area. ... Income levels are rising," explains Johns Hopkins Medical Institute assistant professor of facial and plastic and reconstructive surgery and otolaryngology head and neck surgery Dr. Kofi Boahene. "[Plus] there have been one or two minority surgeons featured on television." He adds that he is witnessing a small increase in the amount of surgeons of ethnic backgrounds who perform cosmetic surgery.

Boahene stresses that from a biological perspective, ethnic skin acts differently than white skin. Ethnic skin is typically thicker and manufactures more melanin, or skin pigment for each cell. In addition, people of ethnicity are more susceptible to thick scarring created by skin cells making too much collagen. Boahene notes that usually, the younger generation is more interested in refinements instead of substantial work that would alter their ethnic identity, such as altering skin tone and color.












Dr. Lista's POV on:

Ethnic Cosmetic Surgeries Rising

We see patients of all ethnic backgrounds at The Plastic Surgery Clinic. Canada is a multicultural society and the desire to look the best you can crosses all ethnic boundaries. A good plastic surgeon should be able to understand and appreciate the differences between different skin types and ethnic backgrounds. It's this kind of expertise, experience and understanding that helps our patients get such fabulous results from their cosmetic plastic surgery.