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We are pleased to offer our Toronto, Ontario plastic surgery patients a tool to help see the possible outcomes of plastic surgery beforehand.

You've made that big decision to consider improving your look and questions arise: How will I look? Will the change be too obvious, not obvious enough or even worth doing? What about scars?

Uniplast™ software shows patients before and after photographs of themselves giving an idea of how they will look after their operation. We take a photograph and show a side by side before and after picture. Dr. Lista himself performs this process as he can best show the expected results.

It's important to understand that video imaging is a discussion tool only and not a guarantee of results. Most patients are delighted at the potential result while others discover that the improvement wasn't what they had been hoping for. By taking some of the guesswork out of plastic surgery, video imaging can help put your mind at ease before making a decision.

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Toronto / Mississauga Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Lista

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The Plastic Surgery Clinic is one of the most respected,complete, and modern cosmetic surgical clinics in North America. We are dedicated to treating our patients with a professional and caring attitude, knowing that they've placed their trust in us with their appearance and their health.

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