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Toronto No-Drain Tummy Tuck Surgeon – Dr. Frank Lista
Serving Toronto Drainless Tummy Tuck Patients

In older tummy tuck surgery techniques, the space between the skin and muscle was left open and unattached, providing a space where fluid could collect. As fluid collected, causing a seroma, the healing process would slow down, so surgeons would prevent this by inserting small tubes, or drains, to remove excess fluid an prevent swelling.

But living with a drain for several days, even weeks, after abdominoplasty is inconvenient and uncomfortable.

That’s why at the Plastic Surgery Clinic we have a developed a no-drain tummy tuck surgery. This new technique, called Progressive Tension Abdominoplasty, is a form of drainless tummy tuck that seals the space between the skin and muscle where fluid tends to accumulate. Using a special kind of internal stitch called the Quill suture, the skin and muscle are locked in place with the barbs of the suture.

This innovative use of the Quill suture is the first of its kind and it has revolutionized the way tummy tucks are performed. Above all, we are thrilled that our no-drain tummy tuck Toronto patients are more comfortable and heal faster than ever before.