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Risks and Complications of Eyelid Surgery

When eyelid surgery is performed by our qualified Mississauga / Toronto plastic surgeons, complications are infrequent and usually minor. Please keep in mind that at The Plastic Surgery Clinic, we will fix any problem or treat any complication for free. If you have an unsatisfactory result and we think additional surgery will help solve the issue, we will perform the surgery for free.

You can reduce the risk of complications, including infection or a reaction to the anesthesia, by closely following your surgeon's instructions both before and after surgery.

Minor complications include double or blurred vision for a few days, temporary swelling at the corner of the eyelids, and a slight asymmetry in healing or scarring. In addition, tiny whiteheads, which may appear after your stitches are taken out, can easily be removed by your blepharoplasty surgeon with a very fine needle.

Major complications can include difficulty closing one’s eyes during sleep, a condition which, in rare cases, may be permanent. Another very rare complication called ectropion, a pulling down of the lower lids, may require further surgery.

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