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Experience one of the most extraordinary, rejuvenating facials you will ever have.

We start with a highly effective and unique approach to exfoliation known as dermaplaning. Removes lifeless skin cells, leaving your skin smooth, supple and vibrant. Finish off your visit with a hydrating and soothing application of innovative facial treatments by Miracle10®. You will leave looking refreshed, youthful and radiant.

FAQs Answered by Dr. Frank Lista

Is it true that men experience more rapid cellular turnover because they exfoliate daily by shaving? If so, is that why the blade is used during a peel - does achieve the same benefits? Is it more effective than using the peel solution on un'bladed' skin?

Yes men exfoliate while shaving. This is an advantage that men have over women. However the "unshaven" areas of the face do not receive the benefits of shaving thereby making men more susceptible to uneven and irregular appearance of their complexiona. Dermaplaning the entire face helps balance this difference between shaven and unshaven areas.   

Using the blade is much much much more effective than using a peel solution alone. In fact in our dermplaning peel, the peeling solution is applied after the skin is dermaplaned. Dermaplaning is THE most effective way in reducing the keratin layer of the skin. Applying peeling solutions to an intact keratin layer gives poor penetration of the solution into the skin. Variable thickness of keratin makes the solution penetration of variable effectiveness. The only way to get more solution into the undermaplaned skin is to increase the concentration of the peeling solution. That is how mistakes occur. Increasing the solution concentration increases the risk to skin injury and burns. Dermaplaning the keratin gives a better result because the effect of the peel solution is more uniform and reliable. Our patients get superb and reliable results with dermaplaning by a skilled skin care aesthetician.

The surgical blade - is it a #10?

A modified 10 blade with a rounded blade edge. This is not a standard surgical scalpel.

How often are peels recommended?

It depends where you are in your skin care regimen. Early on we recommend peels more often…..every 2-3 weeks. Then with regular use of skin care, patients should have peels every 1-2 months.  At what age do the doctors recommend one begins a regimen of regular peels?   You're never too young to start skin care. Every adult should be using a good skin care program. Your skin will look better and age better the earlier you start. So I think starting in your 20's and continuing for your entire life will help achieve beautiful healthy skin. Remember skin care is like exercise or working out….a habit which should last a lifetime.

Is it best to have a lactic acid peel first if one is uncertain about their level of sensitivity and then move on to glycolic if they do not react adversely.


We often start with gentler peels at the beginning of a patients skin care regimen. We then tailor or alter the "dose" of the treatments as the skin becomes more hearty and vibrant with continued peels and skin care. 


$125 per treatment
$375 for 3 treatments
and receive a 4th treatment FREE*
45 minutes